Why Does Change Hurt?

Why does change hurt?

So I have heard plenty of cliches for why change hurts like “no pain no gain”, “growing pains” etc. These just leave me wondering if anyone really gets it.

I began to think about planting seeds in a garden. There is a lot of preparation to get the soil ready. The placement of the seeds needs to be determined. How much sun and water will it need to grow?

In the waiting

Once that is taken care of we wait.

Underneath the soil that is where the real action begins. The seed has been watered and placed in the proper soil.

A short time later, the seed’s shell bursts open underneath the soil for the newly formed seedling to begin to grow. In retrospect, it must take a lot of force for that shell to explode open to allow the new growth to come out. It’s almost “violent” if you ponder it.

And we’re still waiting

Then as the seedling is watered it continues to grow. Pushing hard up through the heavy soil towards the surface. Up on the surface, nothing has changed. It might look as though nothing will ever happen. Maybe the sower is even discouraged. Possibly they think the seed will never grow.

However, as time goes by and the proper amount of water and temperatures are provided, that little seedling is still pushing and striving to grow. It is striving to break through the surface!

At Last

Then one day, the sower looks and a brand new tiny plant has pushed through the surface. That tiny plant is growing up towards the sun.

Danger awaits the tiny seedling. Animals love to eat the tender leaves of young plants. Hopefully, this plant will persevere and grow to produce fruit.

It has to be continually watered and even once the animals that would like to eat it are kept away the plant is still in danger.

Even though the plant is doing all it is supposed to do to grow and produce fruit it still has one more enemy.

Keep moving

Weeds! Weeds will grow up alongside our changing and growing plant and move closer and closer until one day they have choked the life out of the beautiful little plant if the sower does not remove them.

If the sower has removed the weeds, watered the plant and kept the animals and insects away it will produce fruit of its own kind. Green bean seeds grow green beans.

So, I think the reason why change hurts is because there are many steps in the process. Each one of those steps has a new danger or problem with it. Most of the time, the danger or problem is unknown to anyone else’s eye.

Stand steadfast during your times of change. If you take the time to prepare yourself for the pitfalls that lie ahead, recognize that the process is slow, and have a friend to help shoo away animals and pull the weeds with you, it will happen!

Stay strong and remember that God who walks beside you will never leave you.



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