What Not To Do

What Not To Do

Genuinely as we travel down life’s pathway we run into situations that we can chalk up to “what NOT to do.” However, don’t hear this as a negative. Learning our personal limits is a huge part of growth.

That being said,  I have recently done some practice tests for a job interview. The tests were online and I was practicing them at home before the real deal later in the week. Happily, my reading comprehension is excellent! Thank God!

However, my personal triumphs fall short when I enter the Math arena. There you will find dastardly foes such as square roots and PI. And sadly, it is not home baked or yummy.

Really, I’m not kidding

Also, I have discovered during my life that I have never needed to use complex fractions in my personal life. When my children were small and I had to divide a cookie, I just cracked that baby in half. One side would inevitably be bigger than the other but that lesson served to teach my children that life is unfair. Nothing that a few years of therapy can’t take care of.  It’s part of the reason we only had 2 kids. If you have 3 you’re automatically doing fractions all the time. How on earth do you break a cookie into 3 pieces? That’s like sharing a bottle of wine! What?

Clearly, If I had to measure something, I would just count the little lines on the tape measure and make sure, Oh, who am I kidding! I just eyeball the location of the piece of furniture I want to move and then creativity would be unleashed. Nothing says “solve this puzzle” like getting your sofa jammed in the doorway! It’s the mother of invention, I’m telling you. You can get very creative with a couch jammed between rooms and kids climbing and dogs barking.

Beefing up my Resume

So, my resume probably won’t boast Brain surgeon or engineer. Pretty sure those are top contenders for me on the What not to do list. These things I do feel like need to have precise measuring. It would be kind of useless to have a bridge that doesn’t meet up with the roadway. Medical stuff is not my thing even beyond the Math. All that blood and guts. Yuck. That just needs to stay where it belongs.

Consequently, along this journey of what not to do, I have found a few things that I am good at doing. The majority of my life has been working in customer service. I have been a waitress for eleven years.  Working in customer service is not for the faint of heart and I did it for nine years and I have never been charged with assault or criminal mischief. Working with the public for any length of time earns you tiny unseen gold stars. I have found joy in telling grumpy people to “have a good day.” Clearly, they wouldn’t have thought of it on their own.

Find your Strengths

So, hold your head up high! Find your strengths, and remember this:

If a polka-dotted zebra buys a pair of red shoes at 73.75% off on Tuesday morning, and fills his car up at $2.109 a gallon with unleaded gasoline on Wednesday night, what movie should he see on Thursday?

a) none of the above

b) Silence of the Lambs

c) 12

d) all of the above



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3 Responses to What Not To Do

  1. Janet says:

    Love it

  2. Julie Miller says:

    Fractions as a family planning aid–what a novel idea for birth control! Good thinking girl!

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