They’ll Just Play With The Box

 “They’ll just play with the box.”

I’ve spent all sorts of time and money looking for the “perfect” gift for the little ones in my life and have found this saying true. Children all excited about opening their gift and then they toss it aside and play with the box it came in.

And Adults do the same thing. How many times do you see someone after opening a gift trying like a crazy person to put it back into the box it came in?  It never really fits back in!

For instance, my husband loves to wrap a package with a whole roll of tape.  He wraps a brick so lovingly in tissue paper to put in the bottom of the box to fool the recipient about it’s content.


 My oldest son and I decided to use a couple of old boxes to make a “rocket ship” for his three-year-old son.

Reasonably it is possible to draw out plans and use rulers and such.  We were limited by the time of day and available materials. So we took a very laid-back approach to the building of our rocket ship.

It took us about an hour to tape and cut the cardboard. We traced coasters to make portholes on the side. Time was spent to find the appropriate size coaster. As a result, our little astronaut could see out while traveling through space.  Most of all he won’t get his sweet little face stuck.

If time were no factor, we might have spray painted it.  Or painted decals on it like USA or NASA but we stuck with the simple route. Our little astronaut knew immediately what it was and went right in to be captain for the rocket’s maiden flight!

So in this crazy busy world, I want to slow down and enjoy these moments. I don’t need Technology every moment.

 If anyone needs me, I will be in my blanket fort eating cookies and coloring.


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