The Ride for Sierah

The Ride for Sierah

Yesterday, my husband and I participated in a charity motorcycle ride. It was the first one we’d ever done together. We arrived early, not knowing what to expect for the crowd or for the registration process. We watched as countless bikes rolled in. Their number nearly covering the back parking lot and wrapping to the side of the Harley-Davidson building where we were gathered. It was amazing to see. Thank you to the Harley-Davidson dealership for their hard work and willingness to open their business up to all of us.



The Purpose

The ride was both to honor and remember the life of an amazing young woman. Her boyfriend gave a short but inspiring speech. He was surrounded by both his family and hers. His last instruction to us before we rode was to text someone and tell them that you love them. That struck a chord in everyone and all around you saw people sending their messages to loved ones.

Kickstands UP!

The leaders started up their bikes and all around us was a flurry of activity. People starting their bikes, putting on helmets, passengers climbing aboard. Then just the roar of the bike engines as everyone sat at attention waiting to roll out.

We were in the first 1/4 to 1/2 mile of the ride. The riders following stretched out farther than I could see. So amazing! You could feel the rumble of the engines in your chest. It was exhilarating and sobering at the same time.

I don’t recall the exact route of the ride but we traveled down US20 (Central Ave) for awhile and traveled through the cemetery where Sierah was laid to rest. There were dozens of people there. We also traveled through Lyons, Metamora, Morenci, Fayette, Goll Woods and the outskirts of Wauseon to end up at the Fulton County United Veteran’s Pavillion at the Fulton County Fairgrounds where we had a great meal. There were tons and tons of people there to greet the riders and support the family. All through the route, we saw people lining the streets of the towns, people standing at the end of their driveways out in the country, cars stopped at intersections waving and cheering. It was just unbelievable.

I am praying for a couple of riders that we were told had an accident while on the ride. Prayers for little to no injury and for a speedy recovery to all.


I was surprised at my own emotions. I cried like a baby. Even when I didn’t feel emotionally broken I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. I can’t put into words how powerful this was. For the record, we do not know Sierah or her family. We know people who knew her but we had no connection. That is the reason why it took me by surprise the depth of emotion that this ride brought out.

Love and Support from the Community

I pray that Sierah’s family and friends were able to feel the love pouring out from the ride participants and all of the other people yesterday. It was palatable.

I hope and pray that the people of the communities can begin to heal from this tragedy. The loss strangers had is nothing in comparison to the loss that her family and friends suffered, and by no means do I mean to belittle that. All I mean is that people can begin to heal and to not be afraid of the dark, not to be suspicious of a new neighbor or to keep to themselves because the world is a dark place. I pray that through all of this, somehow God would be glorified. The work that was started by this amazing young woman would continue. I’ve heard that she was friendly and had a way to make everyone at ease and happy. That is something that is truly special.

Keeping Our Girls Safe

The organization, Keeping our girls safe, uses the proceeds to give free self-defense classes to women. I heard somewhere, and this may be just speculation, that they want to be able to make self-defense classes available in the schools. Take that with a grain of salt as to the validity of it, but I think it is a great idea.

Consequently, the big takeaway of the day, tell your people you love them. We don’t know the future.

#justice for Sierah

#keeping our girls safe



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  1. Julie Miller says:

    I have experienced the gigantic roar of hundreds of bikes and it is an awesome thing, gives you chills. A biker get together for “good” is so impressive in its magnitude of sound and presence for good that it is hard to ignore. It makes you stop and think of what it is about and this ride sure did that. Very happy that you enjoyed it and weren’t intimidated by the “bad boy” biker image.

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