Ready, Set, Go!

Ready, Set, Go!

We’ve been blessed recently to be able to spend some extra time with our grandson. Unlike a lot of grandparents, we have not had the privilege of living near him. Any time we have is precious. The closest is three hours down and three hours back home. I am excited for that since it is closer than crossing 4 time zones!

We’ve been stopping at a State park along the drive to get out and run around and just have some fun. The playground equipment is very tall and some is a little tricky. After a few minutes of showing him how to do it, he was off and running. However, he wanted me to stand next to him while he did it. Not helping or anything. Just standing there in case he needed me.

National Thresher’s Reunion

We took him to see the National Thresher’s Reunion here at the Fairgrounds in town. If you are not familiar with it, it is a show for tractors of all types and sizes. The main feature and historically significant ones are the old steam tractors that use either wood or coal.The weather didn’t cooperate very well with our plans for the day. We had a very heavy downpour and the sky looked iffy at best when it wasn’t pouring. We decided to go and look at the tractors anyway.  Our grandson was fascinated by all of the different types of tractors, the colors the different wheels.

The very best parts of the show were the tractors that have tracks like a bulldozer and not wheels. Also, the wheels that were taller than Grandpa. Watching the old steam tractors move, blow their whistles and make tracks with their old metal tires in the thick mud on the infield. That mud came home as a souvenir too.

We laughed as he jumped up and down yelling, “Tractors, Tractors and MORE Tractors.” The photos resemble more of a kaleidoscope of colors but the sound of his laughter lasts longer in my heart.

Ready,  Set, Go!

We are blessed to have permission to use a family member’s pool. They are away on Vacation but they allowed us to come swimming. We put the life jacket on our grandson and supplemented it with bright orange swimmy armbands. I carried him in with me and as soon as his feet hit the water, he was off and swimming.

He loved jumping off the side of the pool to “my hands.”  We were trying to teach him to take a big breath and then close his mouth before he jumped to keep him from swallowing a bunch of water. He stood at the very edge of the pool. Little toes just off the edge. Arms raised out towards us and said “Ready,” and squeezed his eyes shut. “Set,” and he puffed out his little kissable cheeks. “Go!” He shouted as he jumped with his mouth wide open laughing like crazy. It’s a learning process.

The Diving Board, Grandma!

I made the mistake of helping him jump off the diving board into the deep end of the pool. He was thrilled and did it again and again! It’s a lot harder to tread water while you have your arms out to catch a thirty-two-pound ball of energy hurtling itself at you. It’s all good. I know I don’t normally drink enough water so I feel like I caught up a little bit tonight. The water level of the pool looked like it was down an inch or so though. Hmmm.

What He Taught Me

I got a glimpse of the world through my grandson’s eyes. He reminded me a few things that I have learned and that I “know” but sometimes forget.

God is always right there beside us. We pray and ask for directions and clarity. Then we think we are on our own. We’re not. He is standing there right beside us. He won’t reach out and give us a boost or instruction unless we ask Him. But, He is there!

What he taught me also is that God delights in our joy and wonder many times over more than we delight in our loved one’s joy. It’s kind of incredible, really. Beyond our imagination.

Ready, Set. Go! God will catch us when we jump into what he is calling us to do. I envy the simple faith of the child who has no idea that you are ill-equipped to properly catch them in the deep end. He knows you love him and he trusts you. I want to trust God that way. I want to jump into the deep end and laugh like crazy! Wanna come?





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5 Responses to Ready, Set, Go!

  1. Lydia says:

    What a precious post! I am still a mom to very young kids, but I do find myself forgetting to look at the world through their eyes. So glad you’ve had this chance to be with him!

  2. Barb says:

    I smiled as I read this – you hit the nail on the head about the blessings you’ve received. There’s nothing like the joy of seeing things through the eyes of a grandchild as they remind us of what we’ve come to take for granted. Unfortunately, this time of their lives rushes by so quickly (but maybe that’s why we hold dear to the sweetness they bring). How lucky everyone is to have this experience.

    Blessings to you all.

  3. What a fun time! My middle child discovered the diving board a few years back and there was no stopping him! He was just fearless!

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