So Much I Never Knew

So Much I Never Knew

Recently, I have had the privilege to a couple of friends to their appointments. Funny thing is, I never thought about until this moment that they have the same first name! Ha ha.

My Independence

The first one is a lady whose husband passed away about two years ago. She was having a bunch of pain and a lot of difficulties walking.  The doctors are searching to see if she has a slipped disc or if it is sciatica that is causing her so much pain.

The therapy is hard work and she is very tired when it’s over. I believe she has begun to see some improvement and a lessening of pain.

I have learned from her that it is difficult to ask for help with things around the house. With errands, grocery shopping, etc. To be honest, I thought she didn’t want to ask because she didn’t want to impose or be a bother. However, after a bit of time I have realized that is true, but it isn’t the real reason it bothers her to ask for help. Help is difficult to ask for when you are afraid that you are losing the ability to take care of yourself and live at home alone.

That thought would never have crossed my mind. I’m younger and I know that I will recover from an injury or illness and be able to climb stairs, etc. I didn’t see it through her eyes to understand that as you get older you understand that a day may come when you are no longer able to climb a flight of stairs or care for yourself alone. The day may come when you have to give up independence and the home you’ve lived in for years.

Just going to therapy isn’t the hard part. The hard part is overcoming your fear of the unknown. That’s scary for all of us.

Ride Along

I’ve been honored to ride along with another friend to a couple of her radiation treatments. She has fought bravely. She is in the last week of treatments now and has already finished Chemo treatments.

I am honored to go with her and be her battle buddy for a short part of this battle. She had begun to lose her hair following the completion of her Chemo treatments. Clearly, this is a difficult and traumatic thing for anyone. (I have to be consoled with lollipops if my hairstylist cuts off more than 2″at a time. Truly, I am a big baby.)

So, anyway after riding to treatment with her I decided I would like to make her a hat to wear. Something fun and colorful. A hat fitting her personality!

I hit the fabric store with my mission in mind. Found some great fabric and a pattern and sewed away like a crazy person. She loves her hats and enjoys wearing them especially since radiation can interrupt your body’s ability to regulate temperatures. She looks beautiful in her hats and I am honored to be able to be with her on this journey and if it helped to give her a moment of dignity that’s even better!

Take Away

If someone refuses to allow you to help them, maybe they are just afraid of losing the ability to do for themselves.

The unknown is a terrifying place.

Be kind. We can never know what someone is going through.

If you are able: sew a hat for someone going through cancer treatments, make a meal or share your table with someone (invite them to dinner), run errands, mow grass, or just offer to stay with them for company if they prefer.

So much I never knew. So much that we share.



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