It’s Summertime!

It’s Summertime

We’ve had some big changes around our house recently! We decided to purchase a new furnace and central air conditioning system. Our old one was nearing the 30-year-old mark and we decided to go for it before we started having tons of problems with the equipment.

The old furnace




We’ve lived in our two-story home in a “country-city” location now for over sixteen years. What that means to me is that we live in a town with sidewalks and near to our small town amenities, but we have space and we are not right on top of our neighbors.  Someday I think I would enjoy being more in the country with a single story home, but for now, this is home.

The Old Way

During that sixteen years, we have only had access to window air conditioners. Trust me that I mean this is the most grateful and positive way! That being said, they are noisy and with our old wiring, we were only able to run one unit at a time. Some crazy thing with the upstairs bedroom and the kitchen on the opposite side of the house on the same breaker. Alas, that is a problem for another day! 🙂 The room you were blissfully sleeping in would be nice and comfortable, but you are greeted by a blast of hot air when you open the bedroom door and the hallway is still ninety degrees.

We’ve gotten used to having to batten down the hatches whenever we would leave for the day in case it would rain. Coming home late at night to a steamy, hot,  house that had been closed up all day. Cue in the time needed to get the bedroom to a tolerable temperature to get to sleep. Torture? No. Irritating? Yes. Livable? Absolutely!

New Things

So now we have had a great contractor install our new furnace and central air. The utility room is right off our kitchen and we emptied most of it to prepare for the installation. After he was finished installing it, including a cool UV light thing that is supposed to be great for allergies to dust and pollen. Woohoo! Totally excited about that!

Side view of the new furnace and central air unit

Anyway, I decided to empty out the rest of the room on the floor and walls so that I could repaint the floor. According to the paint can, it was last done in 2005. So it held up pretty well for 12 years of wear and tear. Everything except the washer, dryer, and freezer were moved out into the garage and the floor is now sporting a pretty new coat of off-white paint! Sigh. If it could only stay this uncluttered and pretty looking!

Freshly painted floors

My plan was to paint the walls a pretty, bright blue color that I purchased at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store last summer. Rainy weather has derailed that plan since the floor isn’t quite dry and I don’t want to mess it up. A few more days of stuff everywhere and we’ll be back to “normal”. Ha ha. Life is exciting waiting for paint to dry.

The hard Stuff

Now we have to take a hard look at all our “stuff” and decide what needs to stay and what can just be donated or tossed. That’s never much fun. I feel like I should make a box of “stuff I might need one day” so that whenever I need that obscure little tool, screw, what’sit, I’ll know exactly where to find it. Anyone else have stuff like that?

Then the task of assigning permanent places to the things we keep. Jigsaw puzzle work in life-size. I always think I will be so organized when I’m doing this. Truly, I start out that way. Then instead of quitting for the day, I get to hour 20 and I just squish it in somewhere cause I don’t care anymore. You’d think knowing this about myself going in would help. Nah. It’s just a life-size definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.


Enjoy the beginning of summer! Maybe if we start early on these projects we’ll have more of the summer to play?

New furnace and Central air

New Brigher paint color



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