Happy Anniversary, you crazy kids!

She was nervous.  The sanctuary of the church was filled with hushed voices. The organist began to play the wedding march. Her knees and hands were shaking as she took her father’s arm and slowly walked down the long aisle. She was breathing with fluttery little butterflies inside. Her long white dress rustled as she walked and all around she could see the large gathering of family and friends.

The minister asked, “Who is giving this woman to this man?”

She could hear the deep rumble and slight cracking of her father’s voice when he answered, “Her Mother and I.”

Her father released her arm and sat down with her mother in the front pew. She was the oldest, and the first of their children to be married.

She faced her groom. He half-smiled and fidgeted slightly. There were so many people watching their every move. Breathe. Somehow the words of the minister both filled the room and bounced over her head.

They repeated their vows to each other, her voice barely above a whisper. His voice quieter than she’d ever heard it,  filled with emotions.

Suddenly, the room erupted in joyous celebration as the minister announced them husband and wife and proclaimed that he could kiss the bride! He carefully lifted the veil from her face and sweetly kissed her.

The organist skillfully played as they walked back down the aisle. Hand in Hand. Their faces glowing with joy and excitement. Two crazy kids embarking the journey of their lifetime.


Fast forward fifty years. She makes them breakfast and they sit down together to eat. She hands him his medicines. He protests, but takes them anyway. They discuss what they will be doing that day. She tells him that he needs to be getting ready for the party by 11am so they will have plenty of time to help their children get the banquet hall set up. They have tables to decorate and food to set out. Beverages to prepare and all sorts of last minute things to do.

How on earth did fifty years go by so quickly, she wonders.

A lifetime of memories shared.

Babies born. Camping trips. Road trips. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Weddings. Grandchildren. Vacations. Classic car meets and conventions. Motorcycles. Car Accidents. Motorcycle accidents. Buying a home. Losing a job. Retirement. Death of family members. Medical crisis.


Congratulations you crazy kids!



Happy  50th Anniversary to you!

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    is there any way I can have this on my timeline

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