Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully.

I have always dreamed of being one of the beautiful women that I have seen on screen. Imagine a close-up image of Grace Kelly. Fluid motion, precise steps, and beauty that is timeless. It isn’t that I want to emulate her looks, it is the confidence and inner grace that I admire most.

Imagine a close-up image of me. Fluid motion, precise steps, and (I almost had you going there, didn’t I?) Reality; fluid motion interrupted by coffee tables, chair legs, walls and other non-moving objects. Precise steps interrupted by gravity, imperfect footing, uneven surfaces and the vote of the union of inanimate objects that has put a hit out on me. I think gravity is the ring-leader.

As for the timeless beauty that I possess, I like to think that the beauty I wake up with right out of bed is a tool. It has come in handy over the years when I have had kids whose alarm clocks go off but they do not stir from their blissful slumber. Cue me to stage right. I gently wake them with a nudge, and as they open their eyes they glimpse my beauty in its full uncombed glory and shoot out of bed like rockets. Works every time. So while I dreamed of looking like a famous actress, I never suspected my look-alike would be the bride of Frankenstein.

Picking a Number

I know people who regularly play the lottery and have a system for how they choose the numbers that they play. I have developed a system for determining which number to pick when the conversation comes up about age.

If the person with whom I have the conversation is close to my parent’s age I know that I am safe to say my legal number. In their eyes, I still have some time to go. If the person is close to the age of my children I usually ask how old their parents are and if the number is better, I go with that. If I am talking to someone who is a tween or new teenager I try to avoid it all together. I find that asking about snap-chat or their favorite Meme is far more interesting. If the person asking is under ten, I usually just say that I’m like forty. They always turn their sad serious eyes towards me and pat my hand. No words are necessary. They hug me and reach into my pocket. They know all old people carry candy.

Moving Forward

In conclusion, I begin the journey of another new year. I haven’t decided how old I plan to be moving forward. Forty sounds okay. Way back when I was a teenager I had to get out my ID to convince people I was old enough to drive. Never mind me ever thinking I was going to convince anyone that I was eighteen. 21? I didn’t even try.

Now I’m feeling a little bit nostalgic.ย Maybe I need to learn to act my age? Aย wise person once said, “I would act my age, but I’ve never been this old before.”


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9 Responses to Aging Gracefully

  1. Janet says:

    Right on

  2. Julie Miller says:

    Yah know that age is just a body thing? You know that your mind does not know better until some of the clumsy [not always age related] moves make you face reality. What do you do with that fact when it hits you things aren’t like they used to be? Pick up your feet [if you can] and continue on with dignity [if you can]. Age allows for many unsure responses because it is just what a mature needs to convey some of their experience. Not always pretty [in a physical way] but always loaded with experience of some sort.
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and who else matters but the Lord and your family. One loves you just because you are you and the other because they know you inside/ out and live with you through all the trials life gives. They are precious in your life. Who needs Grace K when Grace from God is freely given?
    Thanks for your thoughts on a subject we all farce–if we are lucky.

  3. Alice Kelly says:

    Well seeing I watched you as a teenager, grow into a beautiful bride and then a great Mom, I don’t mind being my age…It’s been a blessing knowing you all these years! Great job on the blog Paula! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Alice Kelly says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Well seeing I watched you as a teenager, grow into a beautiful bride and then a great Mom, I don’t mind being my age…It’s been a blessing knowing you all these years! Great job on the blog Paula! I l left my blog website but it’s not up to date…Have to get back to it one of these days!!๐Ÿ™‚

    • Alice, you have always been a spiritual force in my life ๐Ÿ™‚
      You loved us as unlovable teens and mentored us through all of it. Thoughts of our wedding always lead to thoughts of you and Fred.
      Thanks for being a great friend to Judy also.
      I would love to read your blog. I bookmarked it and I will go back and read it more thoroughly later on it is beautiful! in case anyone else would like to check it out.

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